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Privacy Policy - JHM-TOURS

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Privacy Policy

Below you will find updated privacy policies for https://jhm-tours.com . We appreciate your confidence, and thus we also give priority to this matter in order to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your own personal information provided. Please, read these policies carefully so you are able to learn our practices in terms of privacy. By visiting this site, you are accepting the practices described here:

1- What kind of information we collect from you?

In general. We receive and store any sort of information you insert in our website or you have provided any other way. This data includes personal information that can be helpful so you can be identifiable with accuracy; such information should include telephone number, zip code or e-mail address, fax number and invoicing information (such as credit card number, cardholder´s name and expiry date). We could also request your hotel room preference and information about your airline or car rental fidelity program. You can decide not to provide any of the information, but in general certain personal data is required so you can become a member; make bookings of trips; fill in a traveler´s profile; take part in opinion polls, contests or draws; ask a question;  or do any other operations in our website.


Information for companions. When making a reservation for another person by means of this website, your personal information including your own travel preferences will be required. Consent from other people are needed in order to provide their personal data and travel preferences on this website, since the access to visualize and alter this information will only be possible by using your account.


Information from other sources. Thus, on a regular basis we can attain personal and non-personal data from you, affiliated entities, commercial partners and some other independent entities and sources and include such information in your account. This is some of the information we receive: data and address of the updated delivery, demographic data and purchase record. Furthermore, whether you register yourself to https://jhm-tours.com with your social network account; link up your jhm-tours.com account to your social network account or use another function of the jhm- tours. com social network, we are going to be able to receive information about you throughout that social network provider, in compliance with the provider´s policies. This information could include your name, e-mail address, profile forum, gender, list of friends, and any other piece of information that you might facilitate that we receive.. According to the computer system configuration of your privacy and your friends´, we have access to the information you share with the social network provider with respect to their respective locations (location data) to offer you relevant content. Take into consideration that your location data might be shared with your friends on a social network provider, according to your configuration of privacy in relation with the aforementioned social network provider.


Automatic information. When you visit our website, we compile certain information from your personal computer. For instance, we will collect your IP address, Internet software explorer and web browser (Firefox, Google or Internet Explorer), as well as the web site that sends you. Likewise, we are able to compile information about your online activities, such as visualized trips and reservations made. We compile information on the grounds that it is helpful for us to personalize your experience as a user and to avoid any kind of fraud.

For further information, click on Cookies and other technologies.

We make use of sensible information of payment (such as the name of the cardholder, credit card number and expiring date) in order to complete the reservations you make in our website. We use another information about you for the following general purposes: so as to provide you with the products and services you request; to provide you with confirmations and travel updates; to administrate your account, including notes or bills and send you travel notifications; to maintain communication with you; to answer your questions and appease your qualms and comments; to measure your interest in our products, services and website so we can work to make improvements; to inform you about products, services, and special offers of your interest.; to personalize your experience in this website; to reward you as part of any kind of rewarding or loyalty program you decide to be a part of; to request information; even if submitted to polls; to give solution to disputes, problems or collection of charges; to prevent potentially illegal activities; to make our Terms of Use effective; and any other purpose you will be informed at the time being of the request of the information.

E-mail address communication. We intend to give you the possibility to take our website´s travel opportunities. One way we get it done is by e-mailing you information about your evident travel preferences. For example, if you make a research about flights heading to Nassau, and you keep your itinerary but have not made your reservation, it is possible we e-mail you to remind you of your saved itinerary or special offers of flights to Nassau. Likewise, if you receive an e-mail related to trips to Nassau and manifest any interest in a hotel in this location, by means of a link you will find in this e-mail, it is possible you receive a notification about special offers of hotels in Nassau or information about some other destinations. We think the information provided by the e-mails are going to be helpful with regard to special offers of available trips in our website. Please, take into account that if you do not want to receive any of these e-mails any longer there is a button you can click on to stop the reception of these e-mails.

Check below Your options with respect to compilation and use of your information

This website can share your information with the following entities:

Providers, such as hotels, airlines, car rentals and some other provider of activities, that fulfill with your tourist reservations. In this web site, every service rendered by a third party are identified as such. By getting a reservation through the current web site, you are giving us authorization to disclose the data needed by the providers in order to make the reservation and deliver the trip related. JHM-TOURS has absolutely no control over these providers, and the personal data disclosed is submitted to the privacy policy and each provider´s data protection practices. Therefore, we suggest you to check the privacy policies of all tourist service providers whose products have been acquired through this web site.


Independent Vendors  who provide services or functions by us, including processing of credit cards, analysis of the enterprises, customer care services, marketing, poll distribution or contest programs, as well as fraud prevention. Likewise, we may authorize independent vendors to compile or collect data using our account, including the ones needed to be able to navigate in our web site or to facilitate online publicity mailing in compliance with your interests. Third party will only have access and will be able to collect data exclusively to perform their own operations, and by no means will be allowed either use or share such information with a different aim. Thus, they should follow the same safety practices we do.


Trading partners with which we can jointly offer products and services, or whose products and services can be offered in our web site. You can notice when a third party has any relation with a service or a product you requested since it will be notified with its name, either in a separated way or together with ours. If you choose to have access to these optional services, we will possibly share your personal data with those partners, including your personal information. Please, take into consideration that we have no control of the practices in terms the privacy of the trading partners.


Websites of reference. If you logged on this web site from another one, we might share part of your information with that other web site you had previously logged on. We have not impose any restrictions on the web site that has led you to ours as far as the use of your personal data, therefore we recommend you to check the privacy policies pertaining to any of the web sites that has led you to ours.


Companies of our corporate group. We can share your data with our head office and our corporate affiliates, including our international corporate affiliates, such as jhm-group.com. Sharing your data allows us to provide you with useful information about services and products, related to travel and others, you might be interested. As our affiliates gain access to your data, more restrictive practices that at least similar to the ones contained in the current Privacy Policy will follow. Likewise, they will abide by all regulations related to the transmission of advertising materials and,    at least, you are going to be given the opportunity in any commercial e-mail to choose not to receive advertising materials any longer.


We can possibly share your data:


Accounting for the court orders or derived from other legal procedures; for the establishment and exercise of our rights; in order to defend ourselves from legal claims; or any other way in compliance with applicable regulations. In these aforementioned, the company reserves the right to either assert or denounce any rights or exceptions that give us assistance.


When we deem convenient to investigate, prevent or take actions against allegedly illegal activities with the aim to protect and defend this website and our company´s rights, goods and safety, our clients or third parties; and with regard to our Terms of Service and other contracts.


In the case of a corporate operation, such as disinvestment, fusion, consolidation, asset sales, or for the less likely case of a bankruptcy.


With the exception of the aforementioned aspects, you will be notified whenever your personal data is going to be shared with third parties, so you have the opportunity of making your own final decision about whether to share or not your personal data.


It is also possible we share that we grouped or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, it is possible we inform our advertisers about the number of visitors either our web site, hotels or most popular destinations receive. This information do not contain any personal data and it is used to create content and services that might be of your own interest.


Program JHM-TOURS Business Rewards. If you are already a member of the Program JHM- TOURS Business Rewards, we will share the information related to your reservation with your employer. This information might include the name of the person who makes the trip reservation, destination, dates of the trip, relevant suppliers, such as hotels and airlines, and the number of the itinerary. Credit cards, passport numbers, or numbers of fidelity airlines´programs are not to be included within information. If you decide to cancel your membership to this program, no further information or data is to be shared.

You can have access and even update your personal information on the ¨Users Profile¨ section in this web site. You can contact us through the e-mail address provided below in order to cancel your account. Please, take into consideration that once you cancel your account, you will no longer have access to your personal information. Nevertheless, you can create a new account anytime you want. Thus, take into consideration that we are to keep certain information related to your account, for analytical effects and the integrity of our registration marks.

As the above-mentioned, you can make your own decision of not providing us with information, even though it might be necessary to make trip reservations or make use of certain functions offered on the web site.


As the above-mentioned, you can either add or update information and cancel your account.


You are going to be able to cancel the subscription to commercial e-mails in any of the messages we send to you. If you are a subscribed  associate, you can modify your decision anytime you want in the member´s Profile Web page. Please, take into consideration that we reserve the right of sending you other e-mails, including e-mails about our services, administrative messages, as well as surveys with regard to your account or to the operations you operate in the web site, without providing you the option to stop receiving them.


It is possible you can be offered the opportunity to provide a cellphone number so we can keep you posted with  notifications about the likely alterations of flight details. You are going to be able to cancel these notifications anytime.

Most of Web Browsers´ Help sections will indicate you what to do to prevent the Web Browser from accepting new cookies, so you can be notified when either the web browser receives a new cookie, or to deactivate them all. Please take into consideration that if you refuse to receive cookies, you will no longer have access to most trip tools in our web site.

Cookies are files containing small data which can be stored in the computer´s hard disk (if allowed by the web browser) . This website uses cookies for the following general purposes:


In order to assist us in the recognition of your web browser as a previous visitor and to save and remind of any preference that might have been selected while your web browser visited. For example, if you get registered in our web site, we might be able to use cookies as a reminder of your data of registration, so you will not require to get registered in our web site every time you visit us. Likewise, we can store your password in a cookie, in such case you have selected the option of “Automatic re-registration”. Please, take account of the fact that for safety measures associates information, passwords, and any other information stored in the cookies remain encrypted. Unless, you decide to discharge yourself from us, these cookies will contain no personal information.


In order to assist us to personalize the content and advertisement provided on this and other web sites. For example, when you log on our web site, a cookie is automatically created, either by ourselves, our providers or commercial associates, with the aim of recognizing your web browser as you navigate throughout internet, and to show you information and advertisement based on your evident interests. Check Advertising exhibition/Your Options in order to get information about our online advertising practices and options.


In order to research and measure the real effectiveness of functions, offers, advertisement, and communications via e-mail (to know the sort of e-mail you check and the kind of actions you take).


Most of Web Browsers´ Help sections will indicate you what to do to prevent the Web Browser from accepting new cookies, so you can be notified when either the web browser receives a new cookie, or to deactivate them all. Please take into consideration that if you refuse to receive cookies, you will no longer have access to most trip tools in our web site.


Besides cookies, we use in our website Local Shared Objects, also known as “flash cookies”. They are used in order to improve your experience as a user, for instance, to store your preferences and own user´s configurations, such as your volume/silence configuration, and with regard to animations in our web site. Local Shared Objects are similar to cookies, but they are able to store more complex data than the simple text. Like other cookies, they can only have access to specific information you have provided for this website, which other websites can not have access. To learn more about flash cookies and how to deactivate them, click on:



This website can also make use of Web beacons (also known as clear gifs, pixel tag, or web bugs), which are small images or graphics with a unique identifiers, and have a similar function to the cookies, that are embedded in a web page. We use web beacons to monitor the traffic patterns of any given user from one web page to another one inside our website, so we can send and sustain communication by means of the cookies, in order to know if you have had access to our web page throughout an online advertisement displayed on a third party´s website, as well as improve the website´s function. Likewise, we can allow our providers to use web beacons to help us know e-mail messages that have been opened, monitor the number of visits to the website and all of the actions made in our web site.  This will help us measure the effectiveness of our contents and offers.

If you have any questions about how we use cookies or other technologies, contact us by e-mail or clicking on our customer service section and comments form.

Data compiled by this website to offer you relevant advertising. JHM- TOURS.com is committed to providing you with content and relevant information. In order to do this, we can collect information, via cookies and other technologies about your searches related to journeys, such as flights and hotels. We use this information, along with another one that we collect about you, with the intention of offering you advertisement in our website or another online website, which is in compliance with your evident interests. For example, if you look for a flight to Florida in this website, you are going to be able to see an advertisement for a package with a trip to Florida, or in another website you visit.

Bear in mind that we do not combine the information we collect about your quests related to trips in this website with your personal information (such as email address) to offer you advertisements in other websites. Neither we shared your personal information with third parties, in order for them to offer you ads. You can choose not to receive any personalized advertisements on line in other websites, based on your researches related to trips in this website, by clicking here or here. Take into account that, if you choose not to receive personalized advertisement, you will see on-line ads, but it will be more general and less relevant for you.

Data compiled by commercial associates and advertising networks to offer you relevant publicity. The advertisements that you visualize on this website are offered by us or our service providers. However, we also allow third parties to compile information on-line about your activities by means of cookies and other technologies. Third parties include (1) our social and subsidiary company https://jhm-tours.com /; ( 2 ) commercial associates, that compile information when you visualize or interact with one of its advertisements in our website; and (3) advertisers´ networks that compile information related to your interests when you visualize or you interact with one of its advertisements put in various places. All the information collected by these third parties is used to make predictions in relation with its characteristics, interests or preferences, as well as to exhibit or spread custom-made advertisement according to your interests and preferences. We do not permit that these third parties compile personal information about you in our website ( such as your email address ), as well as we do not share your personal information with the aforementioned third parties.

Take account of the fact that we have no access or control of cookies and other technologies, that third parties might use to collect information about your interests. Third parties´ activities in terms of information are not protected by the current Privacy Policies. Some of these companies are members of the Network Advertising Initiative, which offers a unique website where you can select the Option of stop receiving advertisements from its members. For further information click here or here.


Data compiled by companies which make exchanges based on cookies to offer you relevant relevant advertisement. Just like other companies that work on line,  jhm- tours.com takes part in exchanges based on cookies by means of which anonymous information about your navigation behavior is collected via cookies and other technologies and it is branched out into different themes of interest ( such as trips ). Afterwards, all these topics of interest are shared with third parties, including advertisers and advertisers’ networks, in order for them to develop ads in compliance with your evident interests. We do not share with these third parties personal information about you (such as e-mail address) and do not permit that the aforementioned third parties compile personal information about you in our website. Click here to obtain further information about the exchanges based on cookies, including how to have access to information about topics of interests related to cookies in your computer and how to refuse to take part in these programs.


Signs ¨no tracking¨ and similar mechanisms. Some web browsers can transmit signs ¨no tracking¨ to websites with which the browser communicates. Due to some differences about how web browsers incorporate and activate this function, it is not always clear if users want to transmit these signs, or even if  they know about them. The participants of the organization that determines standards in internet that is tackling this theme are in the process of making a decision about what websites have to do when receiving these signs. Currently, JHM TOURS does not take any action in response to these signs. When a standard is accepted and established, and if it ever happens, we will reconsider how to react to these signs.

When you use a JHM TOURS´s mobile application, we collect and use information about you just the same way and the same purposes as when you use our website.

Besides, we also use another information that we collect automatically when you use our mobile apps. Specifically:


We collect information about the function of the mobile app you have access and use. This allows us to identify the mobile application´s aspects our clients might find interesting, in such a way they can be refined and improved constantly. The information that we compile to this end does not allow us to directly identify you.


Each mobile app also sends us the identifier of unique device (or UID), a sequence of numbers or characters that are unique for your mobile. We use this very information the first time you open the mobile app to confirm in our advertising networks the amount of downloads resulting from the clicks on its advertisements and respective marketing tool.


When you use a mobile app, you can choose to enable the access to your current position (that your provide your movable device utilizing GPS or similar technologies) to identify hotels and close airports. If you choose to enable the access, they can recollect these data of position of anonymous form as part of requests of quest registered by our servants. You can interrupt the access of the movable application to your position at any time with the telephone’s configuration menu.


Each mobile application will send us error reporting in case it is blocked it is hanged by itself . This allows us to investigate the error and improve the stability of the mobile application for future versions. As part of these error reporting, the mobile app will send us information related to type and version of the mobile device, the UID, time of the error, the function that was being used the status of the application when the error occurred. We do not use this information for none other purpose than investigating and correcting the error.


You will always have the ability to control what kind of information the mobile application sends to us. You can take control by modifying the configuration of the mobile app, in the menu of configurations,, or modifying the configuration of the mobile device. As an alternative, you can remove the mobile application from your mobile device and access to our services by means of the website.

We want you to feel safe and confident when using this website to do your travel reservations, which is why we are committed to safeguard the information that we compile. Since there are no websites capable of guaranteeing security, we have implemented technical, administrative, and material security proceedings in order to safeguard the information you give us. For example, only authorized employees are going to have access to their personal information when and only due to specific reasons within their functions. Additionally, we use encryption when your personal information is transmitted between your system and ours, and we use firewalls and intrusion detection systems to prevent non-authorized people from having access to your personal information.

This is a website geared toward a general audience and does not offer services for minors. In case we notice that an under 13 child sends us personal information, we will use such data exclusively to inform the minor the consent of his/her parents is required to that aim.

In case this website has any tie or bond with other sites, the latter do not operate under the protection of present Privacy Policies. We recommend you to check the rules of privacy of such places in order to know what the procedures are to compile, use and disclose personal information.

As we described in our Declaration of privacy of safe port, we comply with the Mark of safe port USA- EU and the mark of safe port USA- Switzerland according to the Department Of Commerce of the USA with respect to the collection, use and retention of those countries members of the European Union and Switzerland.

In the future we will be able to update these Privacy Policies. We will notify you in relation to substantial modifications of Privacy Policies, either by means of e-mail in a visible section of our website.

If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy (or your travel or purchase planning), communicate with us through e-mail, or using our customer care link and questionnaire form

These Privacy Policies come into effect  April 17, 2019.